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Marketing Solutions

We all know retailers today are looking to drive traffic and sales while at the same time limiting their expenses. I want to introduce you to a digital platform, El Toro, that will bring you capabilities that will set you ahead of retailers in your space that marries cell phones, IP addresses, shopper’s physical locations, and geo-location technology to allow unprecedented tracking and messaging to consumers more efficiently and at a lower cost than print.

We’ve been employing this technology with a national retailer with incredible results, driving incremental foot traffic +12% in nearly 1,000 stores over an entire summer. Total store sales are positive +5% and the program is delivering a 7:1 ROI.

IP Targeting

Use your CRM to harvest the IP address of customer’s specific households to target specific homes with display and video advertisements to drive incremental sales and traffic as effectively and with a better ROI than print.

Append device IDs to target specific cell devices to target ads via cell.

Venue Replay

Through this technology, we can identify and market to more than 70% of your total identified shoppers.  We can also study the other stores they shop, analyze their demographics and psychographics, and ring the register of your many locations by fundamentally changing shopper behavior.  We can hone in on your most valuable shopper segments to drive larger baskets and more trips.

New Movers

Identifying new movers via the post office is a thing of the past. We can identify and advertise to new movers in near real time. Retailers only have one opportunity to capture the lifetime value of a new shopper. We identify consumers (and their IP address) who have a home for sale, identify the date the home was bought, and have the actual move in date to ensure we capture new customers exactly when shopping decisions are being made. This is the most critical time for your store to capture the lifetime value of a shopper.

Web to Home

Engage anonymous website visitors who are already interested in your brand by matching online activity (through an IP address) to a physical address. By adding a web pixel to your website, we match IPs to physical addresses. The qualified audiences are sent direct mail to the household within 48 hours of interaction to capture a high value consumer.

Digital Canvassing

Identify and engage neighbors of recent customers by turning canvassing into a digital process. By using our mapping and IP targeting technologies, we can enhance your geographic advertising reach without knocking on doors or passing out flyers.
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