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Back Office & Logistics Services

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Resource One’s Back Office & Logistics Solutions increases your business capacity by outsourcing Customer Service, Accounting, IT, 3PL Freight/Warehousing, eCommerce and Sales professionals.

Customer Service

We collaborate with you to bring your customers the omnichannel support they deserve, with a full suite of EDI-interfaced transactional tools to manage order receipt, proof, entry and invoicing. Our team of veteran Customer Service Representatives interface directly with both you and the customer to ensure seamless processing throughout the order-ship-invoice cycle.

3PL Warehousing / Transportation

With access to 15,000 trucks weekly, our nationwide transportation solutions, and regional dry/cold storage warehouse locations, provide our clients with the most cost-effective options for storage and hauling.

Accounts Payables & Receivables

From order to cash, our back office accounting support provides a comprehensive suite of services including, but not limited to:

  • Reconcile and cash application to A/R aging report
  • Reconcile unpaid and underpaid balances for collections
  • Deduction resolution


Information Technology

Our Director of IT and Staff can support a number of functions to ensure your company takes advantage of all technological efficiencies

  • EDI Transactions
  • ASN transactions
  • Monitoring of all transactions, electronic confirmation through the order processing-shipment-receipt process

eCommerce Management

Our gold-standard team of programmers maximize search engine optimization and manages promotional campaigns, with the objective of driving traffic, and converting to click at the highest, and most cost-efficient rates.

Our average sales gains after 6 months is +240%!

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Managed Sales &

eCommerce Optimization


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