Founded in St. Louis, MO in 1987, Resource One quickly established a national presence as an important source across multiple lines of retail food products. Today, Resource One represents over 100 suppliers covering every major food category within grocery. Our vast professional expertise in this channel enables us to craft the custom approach necessary to successfully address the most complex challenges.
Our experienced sales and integrated services platforms combine to enhance efficiencies and to improve our customers success rate. In the span of our 25+ years in operation, Resource One’s sales have grown to several hundred million dollars annually and our infrastructure has expanded to include satellite offices located in close proximity to our major customers in key markets. The reason for our continued success is simple: an uncompromising commitment to advocate on behalf of our
manufacturers, as well as agility and responsiveness to our clients throughout the sales process. From product development to the creation of successful marketing programs that generate new sales and enhance profitability, always turn to the leaders at Resource One.